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Image by Carlos Muza


Zean-Tech was founded in 2013 with an innovative spirit and a sophisticated objective: to offer end-to-end technology solutions to businesses while helping them overcome modern challenges through scalable IT strategies.

Image by Mimi Thian


We started our journey with a small computer repair shop in Brooklyn Center, MN, where we would install hardware components and rectify minor software problems. However, as the technology progressed, we decided to move a step further. In 2015, we incorporated managed IT services into our operations to help small and medium-sized businesses leverage the power of high-tech solutions. And we can confidently say that the rest is history.

Since including managed IT services in our operations, we have completed over 600 jobs, with a 98% success rate and unmatched customer feedback testifying to our expertise. In addition, we have also been awarded ratings by Field Nation and Business Bureau, thus proving that we adhere to the best standards of IT industry to furnish our jobs. At Zean-Tech, our journey of serving the customers hasn’t ended yet, and we will continue our streak of excellence in the future.


Zean-Tech is not your regular IT Company. Nor do we take the projects just for the sake of earning money. Rather, we measure our success based on results and leave no stone unturned to ensure you get what you want. Our comics are led by highly-experienced professionals who believe that attention-to-detail, innovation, and attention to detail are critical to your business success.

Last but not least, our tech-savvy technicians delve deeper into your unique requirements and thoroughly analyze the ins and outs of your business to give you a birds-eye-view of everything. Just like a strong password keeps your account safe, Zean-Tech keeps your entire IT infrastructure organized functionally.


Our mission is to revolutionize how businesses manage and organize their IT operations. We not only want to create a customer-centric environment where we would be doing the installations professionally, but we also aspire to be the game-changer in maintaining broken IT systems. And yes, we can go all out to achieve that.

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