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Imagine taking your business’ productivity to the next level through result-oriented managed IT services. Does that sound like a fantasy? Well, it’s not with Zean-Tech!

We at Zean-Tech grow your business, not only by focusing on your organization’s core competencies but also by avoiding sunk and operational costs that might break your bank.

All of our IT services are geared towards achieving your goals, be it protection from security breaches, compliance with the industry regulation, or boost in the workers’ productivity. Our tech-savvy professionals can help you with: 
  • Monitoring and maintenance 
  • Backup and disaster recovery 
  • 24/7 Remote help desk
  • Proactive support for hardware and software issues 
  • Equipment tracking 
  • Response times 


Zean-Tech has experience helping organizations of all sizes migrate their workloads to the cloud. 

We can help you migrate any workload – applications, database, storage, physical or virtual machines/servers – or from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or another public cloud to Azure or AWS. With years of experience, Zean-Tech can work with you to build your organizational, operational, and technical capabilities so that you can gain business benefits faster.

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Managing mobile devices, running updates and patches, and third-party applications can be a nightmare for most helpdesk and support staff.


Zean-Tech provides patch management, third-party application management, remote support, troubleshooting, and alerting.

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Software plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of your system. Apart from governing the processes of your computer, software applications also help you get the desired output in less time. 

We at Zean-Teach are well-versed in the complexities of software installation and go the extra mile to increase your system’s performance through efficient applications.

Zean-Tech can help with all your software inventory, management, deployment, and monitoring regardless of whether your end-users are on your company network or domain-joined. We install, inventory, remove, update, and patch vulnerable applications. We utilize a system policy that initiates automation of the deployment of your application without user interaction. We can deploy, patch, uninstall, and monitor applications at scale without the need for a company network, VPN, or domain.

At Zean-Tech, we hear you. We have cultivated some of the brightest technicians who sink their teeth deep into your system and help you get rid of the sharp pain of hardware breaches, once and for all.

Since we have installed thousands of applications for various clients, we know what will suit you the most. We can install:

  • Windows, Android, and iOS applications 

  • Configuration of operating systems

  • Computer hardware drivers 

  • Software for printers and other devices 

  • Backup applications and services 


Terming hardware components as the backbone of your system would not be an exaggeration. These components protect you from redundancies and automate the process to save you precious time and resources. So, you need to do your best to install high-quality equipment to ensure the smooth functioning of your system. 


Unlike other companies that take a lot of time to install the hardware equipment, we at Zean-Tech come to your doorstep and furnish everything in reasonable time.

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From installing minor components, such as a mouse, keyboard, speaker, and printer, to multi-site deployments of servers and routers, our flexible hardware installation and maintenance solutions can cover everything to give you peace of mind. 


Let’s face it. Installing an insecure POS to your system is the last thing you need in today’s highly competitive landscape. Apart from compromising the financial security of your store, a vulnerable system can also offend your loyal customers, something that will have long-term negative effects on your business. 

At Zean-Tech, we understand the complexities that come with POS installations and install every system by adhering to the innovative standards of the industry.

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From assessing your unique requirements and integrating the cutting-edge hardware equipment all the way to maintaining decentralized connectivity, our professional technicians furnish everything in a way that streamlines your payment flow. No matter what kind of business you are operating, we can hit every nail on the head. Our POS services cover:

  • Mobile Point of Sale Systems 

  • Online Point of Sale (Ecommerce) 

  • Self-Service Kiosk 

  • Omni-Channel Point of Sale

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Not being able to install a printer on your computer is frustrating. Sometimes, the printer’s driver doesn’t support the Windows version or hidden malware that affects the functioning of your printer. Whatever the case, you can take the frustration out of the entire installation process if you partner with a trustworthy IT company.  

We not only install the printers and networks of every kind, but we also adhere to the TIA and IEE standards to ensure the maximum security of the equipment. Here are our installation services that will go a long way in increasing your system’s performance:

  • Fiber and Voice network installation

  • Cable management and IT closet cleanup

  • Installation of cable and wireless printers

  • Wifi installation

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